Dr. Christopher Benjamin
As a researcher I have dedicated my career to the sciences using an interdisciplinary approach. It's exciting to realize how the skills you acquire in one science are easily transferable to others when you are rooted in interdisciplinary-ship. It is of great importance. Take into consideration a single cell in the human body. It's not just a biological medium, but a chemical, physical, and electrical environment as well. I have been privileged to have learned the technical skills and work with tools that have allowed me to bridge knowledge gaps among researchers in different fields. More specifically, electron microscopy and surface chemistry. 
Adlena Jacobs
​Nasa Abassador
Engineering and STEM educator
​I am an achievement oriented professional who invites challenge and takes initiative to own processes through completion. I believe that creativity and curiousity can make dreams reality. Students need to be able to imagine and dream be curious about their interest to become innovators. I have selected one of the 36 educators from nationwide to be apart of NASA space educator expedition crew. I have established an awareness of STEM EDUATION through many networks of community leaders and industry influencers. www.yearnspace.weebly.com
Phelp Benjamin 
Aerospace and Mechanical Engineer

A proven professional with extensive Project Manager, Project Engineer, Manufacturing Engineering Projects, Design, and Tool Engineer history. Performs project management; define project scope, create project and detail planning, project implementation, ensure project completion, monitor project progress, resource determination, work quality review, project evaluation and project closing. Several of my key strengths are establishing valued cross-functional relationships, manufacturing/engineering, bid packaging, program and project work breakdown schedules, policy/procedure development, design, sourcing, tool design, produceability, and procurement engineering.
Student Programs Coordinator
  1. Students Programs Coordinator
    Students Programs Coordinator
    Jenab Camara
    Jenab Camara is an undergraduate at the University of Texas - Austin, studying Linguistics with a minor in French and certification in the Elements of Computing. She has been interested in STEM from a very young age, and would like to incorporate her love of languages with her love of computer science to create apps like Google Translate and Duolingo. She is very excited to inspire kids (especially young girls) to follow their dreams and take part in the STEM field, because she believes that STEM is the future.
We believe that collaboration is key, when education a community. We have special associates that are on our team that assist with developing cirriculum and events for our organizations. They are the beat to our drum, with out these special Professional Individuals things would not occur. All of our Associates have Master degrees in STEM education or in the STEM field. It is important that we have our staff knowledgeable about STEM industry, so that each child that is enrolled in our program are gaurneteed to get STEM STAR experiences
Biology of all living things have always fascinated me, especially the fact that no matter how big or small, the cells of all living beings are controlled by the same unit of life- deoxyribonucleic acid, or simply called the DNA.

Genetics of DNA has not only identified the course of evolution on earth, but also the reason for certain hereditable and mutational diseases.  

The current understanding of the molecular basis of DNA has advanced forensic investigations, improved treatment strategies for multiple diseases, generated GMOs, and more such interesting facts.

As a PhD student in Cancer Biology from Purdue University, I have gained training in designing significant experiments, performing various molecular and cell-based techniques, and skills in data analysis, which I intend to extend to the emerging enthusiasts.
Arpita S Pal- S.I Associate Science
Kimberly Harris- S.i Associate Mathematics
Kim has been teaching for 10 years. In that time, she has taught Mathematics for middle school students. She has assisted all of her students year after year with instilling the growth mindset. That failure isn't an option. "Sometimes old school remedies with a twist of 21st century learning skills develops the students with basic foundations for what the world has to offer in their generation." Kim has completed her Masters degree in Educational Leadership and will optain her Doctoral Degree in Educational Leadership in 2018. 
Mrs. Michelle Newman S.I Associate Computer Science
Computer Science Expert and Technology Educator. She has the expertise into understanding what foundation is needed for each student that has passion for Computer Technology and Computer Science.
Angela Jones- S.I ASSOCIATE Technology
Angela Jones taught for Mesquite ISD for 28 years.  In that time, she taught math and computer literacy and was also a technology facilitator for the district.  She enjoys nurturing young minds through collaborative creative thinking and problem solving. Angela is very excited to be a part of the future STEM Innovations and all the growth it inspires. She holds a masters degree in Computer Education from Texas A & M.
Ms. Bethanie Williams- S.I Associate Science
Bethanie has a big heart for all of her students. She has been an educator for 7 years and has been teaching middle school science. She has recently graduated with a Masters in Educational Leadership. Her recent graduation has led her into Administration. She understands STEM and the foundation that Science is needed to develop creativity,curiousity, collaboration, and critical thinking skills
Ms. Sirvera Cox- S.I Associate Mathematics

I have been in the education arena for 11 years.  Within that 11 leaders, I have taught Math to 6th – 8th grade students and I frequently have my high school students come back for help with all of their high school Math needs.  

 I completed my Masters Degree in 2014 with a major in Educational Leadership.  I graduated with a 4.0 GPA.  My undergraduate degree was at the almighty HBCU Jarvis Christian College, where I majored in Math and minored in Education.  I graduated with a 3.78 GPA and graduated with top honors.   I am excited about this experience and I look forward to teaching and learning from my students.  

What keeps us going?

We see diversity as our strength, and this has ensured that we've been a practice  S.T.E.M  as a with a collected exprience for over 20 years. Our team has a great wealth of experience.  We aim to make every interaction with students in our workshops, conferences, and mentoring program as clear and easy to understand as possible. But most of all, we want every parent and child to have FUN!!!
We see STEM as our strength and understand that every student has different qualities and traits. We are determine to infuse into each student participating in our events, the STEM mindset. 

Our passion is problem solving, critically thinking about difficult task. We understand that the generation behind us needs assistance in understanding how develop and maintain the momentum of critically thinking about each task. Each task they face in our workshops will also help them with life situations. Allowing them to understand how to analyatically solve challenges and attack the chanllege with the end goal of success.