Building a Community by STRENGTHENING  the MINDSET

STEM Education
You are probably asking yourself, what is stem.
It is the acyromn for Science Technology Engineering and Math. 
Just like learning a language, kids need opportunities to become fluent in science, technology, engineering and math.
People need to be immersed inreal world situations to best acquire a language, when children and youth explore STEM outside of the classroom , they can master these subjects. 
We are committed to activating student interest and knolwedge in STEM.
Our program powers up learning in STEM through hands-on experiences. 

Our Beliefs

Stem believes relationships with families and schools are a high key component to afterschool program quality. We communicate among educators, industry professionals and with families that are key to building and reinforcing relationships.

We believe that every interaction has the potential to make the case about value, benefit, and  intentionality that Stem education has to offer.

Our Mission

To build a community in stem education, by demonstrating awareness in a formal and informal eduation organizations, and parents
Stem Innovations will provide stem education and economic opportunity for the present and future:
  • Preparing students for all challenges and opportunities in 21st century learning
  • Provide STEM literacy
  • Improve the impact of the overall effectiveness of student success
  • Integrated learning
  • Investigation
  • Questioning
"Its not about the facility; it's about changing kids lives.The facility is just the tool."
-Colby Wilson


We infuse students mind by infusing/ developing their mindset by  shaping the following traits:

Critical thinking

Problem solving


Students that can be objective and develop an evaluation of any issue form valid conclusions. By doing research and using prior knowledge
This charaterisitic is very important when using project based learning. Each student wiil have develop skills to face large and small difficult challenges and fundamentally breakdown tasks. Students are to be able to determine solutions to a projected goal.
Students processing this ability are able to vocally express their ideas and conclusions with other peers. They are able to share and exchange information in an appropriate and respectful manner. 


Technological skills


Students with this characteristic are able to work jointly with others. 21st century work force are wanting and searching for this important skill base because employers are looking for team players, especially to produce or create something. 
Students should develop this skill because is very important in 21st century. As students become apart of Stem innovation program they will learn electronic skills such as web design, email management, word process skills, and positive student technology behavior, an Positive student Technology Behavior 
This characteristic most 21st century students have. Students have the desire to learn about anything. Studnets are eager to know how things are developed or work. 

Past conferences

We believe that students increase their level of understanding in science, technology, engineering and math by being involved in afterschool programs. We offer multiple ways to become involved in our program to excel in formal education. See below for the ways to become involved. If you click on the button below, you will see the conferences that we will be offering in the near future. 
How to become involved
We have developed our program for students to become more involved with STEM education

Summer conference

We are proudly to announce one of our feature attendees at our conference.  

Tamara Robertson

She has been featured on the mythbusters reality contest. 

We are so happpy that she will be coming all the way from Los Angels to speak to our young girls. 

Tamara Roberston


Tamara Robertson was born and raised in a military family in Eastern, N.C. As a youth, she spent a large amount of time with her father watching Star Trek, rebuilding engines, up-keeping the family cars and building/renovating homes. She learned her love of machinery (and of Scotty, of course) as well as all things technical from her time working with her dad.

While pursuing her chemical and biomolecular engineering degree from North Carolina State University, Tamara worked in green sciences, operating the department's biodiesel plant. After graduating, she began her career in global tech transfers, designing vaccine processes and facilities. During the swine flu pandemic she went to live abroad manufacturing flu vaccine for the United States and later worked on the first clinical material for avian flu.

While attending engineering school, Tamara utilized her experience in acting, improv and drama through print modeling and acting. She continued to develop her craft throughout her engineering career, filming for national and global commercials, web series, network series and indie films.

She currently lives in Los Angeles with her husband and dog, spending her down time scuba diving, hiking, rock climbing, working with children and practicing photography.

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