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May 2017 Challenge - Elementary

This particular challenge is easy and anyone can do it. Even parents! If you are younger than 8 years old you will need assistance from parent or gaurdian.  There will be three different levels of challenges to perform. Elementary, middle school, and high school levels. Once you have performed challenge, you will need to post your final results and explaination of your challenge to social media on our facebook page or on any of the social media site. Use the #steminnovations to get swag for 10 different post. 

Featured Challenges

  1. Robotic arm:
    Robotic arm:
    Please come back very soon for update on challenges that will offer.
Monthly, students will have a challenge the will need to perform. Performing a challenge and posting them on social media with the hastag #steminnovations. You will have a chance to win a months subscription to a stem home challenge kit.

As of right now, please come back and see us. Our challenges will not be posted until summer.